Go Places Privilege Club


The Go Places Privilege Club is a discount programme that provides subscribers discounts and special offers on Lifestyle, Entertainment, Travel, Accommodation, Dining and Shopping Products and Services.

Upon The Purchase Of Your Membership, the expiry will be 1 year from the date of issuing.


Go Places Privilege Club

The Mission for the Go Places Privilege Club is to provide the member an easy to use System where redemption of discounts and special offers is simple, in real time and can be enjoyed 7 days a week on different products and services. The mission is to also negotiate special exciting exclusive regular and seasonal offers that can be enjoyed by the members throughout the year.

The Vision for the Go Places Privilege Club is expand throughout the world where members will not only enjoy discounts and special offers within the Country they reside in, but also enjoy the offers regionally and internationally with a minimum annual subscription fee through one globally dynamic system.

Upon Purchasing Of This Service You Agree To The Following Terms & Conditions

  1. Member must redeem their discount on the mobile APP and receive a Redemption Authorization Code to be provided the applicable discounts. This code will be taken down by the merchant before the discount is provided to the Member
  2. Members must redeem their Go Places Privilege Club discount before the ETR Receipt is printed by the merchant
  3. The discounts cannot work with other offers or sales provided by the partner establishments unless specified.
  4. Discounts may only be redeemed by the Authorized Subscriber
  5. The annual subscription / renewal will be automatically renewed unless prompted to stop the automatic renewal through an official email / written communication to the Go Places Privilege Club Customer Care Centre
  6. Redemption Authorization Codes for Lifestyle Partners will be valid for 24 hours, Redemption Authorization Codes for Restaurant Partners will be valid for 1 Week and Accommodation Redemption Codes will be Valid for 1 Month
  7. When redeeming discounts some partners may ask you to produce your National Identification Card


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